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  • If we are in the office we do try to answer the phone personally. However, if we are in court or meeting with a client, we encourage people to leave us a voicemail.

    Our clients appreciate that when they have taken the time and trouble to travel to our office and meet with us, they have our undivided attention. We do listen to our messages and return calls as soon as possible.

    As we value client contacts, we encourage people to leave messages. We also check our email daily, and respond as soon as we can.

    Appointments: We will be happy to meet with our clients during a first appointment. Generally, we do not charge for this appointment unless we can solve the problem immediately; but if we can, there will be a nominal fee.

    Phone calls: We do not charge for phone calls unless they are made too often; and we never charge for phone calls unless we specifically inform our clients that we must begin to charge them for our time on the phone. However, this is very rare.